At the Beach

Hello everyone,

How is your summer going? Have you gone to the beach this summer? Tell me what you like to do at the beach in the comments!

I love spending time at the beach in the summer. When I lived near a beach in the US, I would go to the beach several times a week during my summer vacation. I love lying on a beach chair and reading a good book. The sound of the waves often lulls me to sleep. Of course, I have to put plenty of sunscreen on to avoid getting a sunburn. I also enjoy swimming in the water and going sailing. When I was a child, I would spend hours building sandcastles.

Dites-moi ce que vous aimez faire à la plage dans les commentaires. J’ai hâte de vous lire.




several: plusieurs

beach chair / deck chair: le transat, la chaise longue

waves: les vagues

to lull someone to sleep: s’endormir

sunscreen / sun cream: la crème solaire

sunburn: le coup de soleil

to go sailing: faire de la voile

sandcastle: le château de sable

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