Musical Instruments

Hello everyone,

Do you play a musical instrument? If you could learn to play any musical instrument, what instrument would you want to play?

I started to play the piano when I was seven years old. I also took harp lessons for a few months, but I did not like playing the harp. When I was eleven years old, I began to play the flute. After a few years, I stopped playing the piano, but I continued to play the flute. Today, I have less time to practice, but I still play the flute once in a while. I love to play music by composers like Handel, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky.

Est-ce que vous jouez d’un instrument de musique ? Si vous pouviez jouer d’un instrument, lequel choisiriez-vous ?

I look forward to reading your answers!




a few months: quelques mois

flute: la flûte traversière (recorder: la flûte à bec)

to practice doing something: s’entraîner à faire quelque chose

once in a while: de temps en temps, de temps à autre

composer: le compositeur

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