What is Your Favorite Book?

Hello everyone,

There is nothing that I love more than curling up with a good book. People often ask me what my favorite book is. I find this question difficult to answer because I have so many favorite books.

So, I’ll rephrase the question: what is one of your favorite books? Why do you like this book?

One of my favorite books is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. I love this book because we grow up with the hero as he recounts his life. He overcomes various challenges and learns from his mistakes. Near the end of the novel, he begins to understand the value of love, and he forgives the many individuals who deceived him or treated him poorly. This novel was first published in 1849, but its themes remain relevant today.

Your turn! Tell me a little about one of your favorite books.

Dans les commentaires, dites-moi pourquoi vous aimez un de vos livres préférés.

Talk to you later,



to curl up: se lover, se mettre au canapé ou au lit dans une position confortable

to rephrase: reformuler

to recount: raconter, narrer

to overcome: surmonter

a mistake: une erreur

to forgive: pardonner

to deceive: tromper, duper, abuser

relevant: pertinent

your turn: à vous, c’est votre tour

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